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Past concerts
May 22
April 8
March 31
January 12
(Club "Arctica" - a concert with the Nemolyaeva band "Boni Nem")
(Club "Roks" - Festival "The Iron Curtain", with "Sergei Mavrin")
(Club "Roks" - Zack Eswee Birthday - Festival)
(Club "Roks" - Metka: New big solo concert)
December 17
November 11
September 24
September 8
September 2
July 30
June 3
May 7
April 29
April 25
April 13
April 7
March 25
January 21
(Tikhvin city, Metka: big solo concert)
(Club "Arctica")
(Club "Roks", Metka: Anniversary concert - 5 years on stage)
(Club "Arctica", with the "Boni Nem")
(Museum of V. Tsoi, 20 years of Kamchatka)
(Bike Rock Festival of motoclub "Night Wolves", open-air, Siverskiy)
(Club "Arctica" - Metka: The first big solo concert)
(Club "Relax", Moscow, together with "Retriem")
(Club "Arctica" - Birthday of "Citadel" band)
(Club "Arctica" - Infinity Metal Fest)
(Club "Arctica" - Twilight Metal Fest)
(Club "Relax", Moscow, with the "Boni Nem", "Zatmeniye")
(Club "Arctica", Metka: presentation of the English version of the album)
(Club "Arctica")
December 24
December 3
November 6
October 9
August 28
May 14
May 9
April 28
April 24
March 31
March 6
(Club "Arctica")
(Club "Planet of Ice", Moscow, with "ANZH", "Natisk", "Aliy Rassvet")
(Club "Arctica")
(Club "Torch", Metka: presentation of the single "Plasticine Crow")
(Club "Arctica", GTM: presentation of the debut album of "Metka")
(Club "Arctica" - 15-year anniversary of "Koma" band)
(Club "Arctica" - 3-day Rockhell fest)
(Club "Arctica")
(Club "Arctica" - Heavy / Power Metal Session #3)
(Club "RED")
(Club "Arctica" - Thunderstrike Fest I)
October 24
May 15
February 1
(Club "Arctica" - The Guild of heavy metal X)
(Club "Arctica" - The Guild of heavy metal VIII with "Shadow Host")
(Club "Arctica" - The Guild of heavy meta VI)

December 28
December 13
September 21
July 26
June 6
May 14
April 15
March 15
February 21
February 14
January 26
(Club "Orlandina" - The Guild of heavy metal V - The New Year)
(Club "Orlandina")
(Club "Orlandina" - The Guild of heavy metal IV)
(Club "Legend" - The Guild of heavy metal III)
(Club "Orlandina" - gothic music festival)
(Club "Port" - The Guild of heavy metal II)
(Club "Orlandina" - Guild of heavy metal I)
(Club "Friday")
(Club "Carfex")
(Club "Carfex")
(Club "Orlandina" - Metka: acoustic mini-set)
December 27
November 30
November 8
October 25
October 8
September 29
September 10
September 4
July 17
June 13

(Club "Faculty" - a concert of Comrade Albert III)
(Club "Friday" - Dark Metal Fest)
(Club "Friday")
(Club "Friday")
(Club "Front", Metka: Birthday Party)
(Club "Manhattan")
(Club "Orlandina" - concert of a Comrade Albert II)
(Club "Orlandina" - wedding concert of "Zuk & Joe")
(Club "Orlandina" - concert of a Comrade Albert I)
(Club "Front" - the first concert of "Metka")
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