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Metka heavy metal band (Russia, Saint-Petersburg)

Metka heavy metal band

Heavy metal band "Metka" starts in autumn 2001, when on the 8th of October the vocalist Vladimir Vetukov joins the band on one of the first rehearsal sessions.

During a couple of years, without having too much success, "Metka" plays in some small local rock clubs, and so the founder of the group, Zack Eswee, decides to create a concert alliance with other prominent representatives of St. Petersburg metal scene of that time. This association got the name "The Guild of Heavy Metal" and was successfully carried into effect.

Since then "Metka" starts climbing higher and higher. After the 2005 debut releases of the album "Stupivshi za gran" and the single CD "Plasticine crow", which even then was a visiting card of the band, "Metka" gains evident popularity, gathers its own Fan club team, playing gigs and creates music.

2005 and 2006 was a peak of creativity and concert life. The songs "Enchanted" and "Plastic Crow" sometimes coould be heard on the radio. "Metka" gives successful concerts and makes its first tours. On the 3rd of June 2006 "Metka" gives a big two hour solo concert.

But nothing lasts forever and in autumn 2006 the decline of enthusiasm grasps the band, and numerous disagreements lead the group to stagnation. So in summer 2007 Zack Eswee publishes the official announcement of "freezing" the group as a music project for an indefinite period.

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