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Metka contacts
Metka resides in the city of St. Petersburg, Russia

#1. E-mail address on all matters:

- administrative
- technical
- creative
- organizational
- regarding the web-site registrations at the forum
- regarding the merchandise and CD's
- and so on:

black-label <at> mail <dot> ru

#2. Metka Internet pages:


#3. Metka musicians personal pages:

Vladimir Vetukov

Daniel Kuzin

Zack Eswee


Ivan Vetrogonov

#4. Metka ex-musicians personal pages:

Sergei Tshe

Pavel Voronin

Kirill Dmitriev

#5. Musical equipment and instruments:

Guitars ESP -
Guitars Ibanez -
Guitars Washburn -
GuitarsFender -
Drums "Tama" -
Drums "Paiste" -
Guitar processors "Digitech" -
Guitar amps "Marshall" -
Guitar amps "VHT" -
Guitar amps "MesaBoogie" -
Microphones "Shure" -
Keyboards "Korg" -

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