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"Metka" history
From the very moment of its foundation "Metka" had another name, which was "Black Label". The band was formed in spring 2001 when its founder, known in musical circles of St. Petersburg as "Zak SV", recorded a demo version of song "Black Label" and "Triangular Dream". Until that time he played for some time as a session musician in "Gorgona" and "Legioner" metla bands on bass as well as tried himself to play a guitar in a death-metal band "Exhumation", but then he decided to play his own songs and so found another guitarist, Alexander Kiykov.

Together they played for several months and then started an active search for the missing band musicians. In autumn they have found the drummer Kirill Dmitriev and bass player Pavel Voronin. Metka line-up as accomplished when a vocalist Vladimir Vetyukov came to listening on 8 October 2001. It was decided to mark this day as the birthday of the band.

"Metka" starts to learn musical material and rehearse regulariry, preparing a concert program. All music and english lyrics were written by Zack.

For half a year "Metka" works on material and team-work and gives its first gig on June 13 in a small underground (in direct and figurative sense) club "Front" - where they got quite positive reviews from the public.
They also drawing the attention of one of the organizers and so got an invitation to continue the concert activity at another club called "Orlandina", that was just about to become popular among metalheads.
Metka in Front Club - the first gig in 2002

Also at this time under the influence of singer Vladimir Vetyukov "Metka" decides to perform songs not only in english language but also in russian. So a long work on translating and adjusting the lyrics started.


Having played more than a dozen concerts in various clubs, without any further breakthrough, Zack decides to create an alliance with three prominent bands of St. Petersburg metal scene at that time - a friendly power metal "Legioner" and more heavy "Morrah" and "Ascendancy". This idea was successfully realized and these bands began working together, playing as one cohort.

The Guild of Heavy Metal

Concerts held by the Guild got an eminent success for each of the bands and so they began to gain their first rows of fans. The greatest success of the Guild came in autumn 2003, when Zack managed to add to the Guild a young, talented and promising power-metal band "Citadel" with female vocals.

Meanwhile Metka was gaining momentum and in order not to lose the resulting success it quickly begins to prepare to record their first studio disc. At the same time it was decided to add a keyboardist to create a more melodious sound and fill a vacuum in the songs. So they invited Zack's wife - Joe, who was one of the founders of women's rock band "Gorgona".


Preliminary record rehearsals showed that "Metka" would experience difficulties with the studio work because of lack of preparation in terms of playing skills. So a few months just before the studio musicians hone their performing skills with triplicated force. However, in January 2004, about one month prior to the studio, it becomes apparent that a solo guitarist Alexander Kiykov doesn't cope with the solo parts, and therefore Zack made a difficult decision to replace him. So he invited a solo guitarist from the "Citadel" - a young but very talented Sergey Tshe.

Zack Eswee in studio

In February "Metka" goes to a well-known St. Petersburg rock-studio "Neva" where many russian rock musicians worked before, such as "Chizh", "Pilot", "Leningrad," "The King and the Jester" as well as old heavy metal bands - "Great Sorrow", "Vengeance","Stalwart".

The recording took place with varying success, the schedule was constantly shifting, and various organizational and technical reasons extended the work until the autumn, although originally it was planned to complete the album in June.

Having played only one concert, the group takes a short summer break. Closer to the autumn "Metka" starts home probe recording of vocals by Vladimir Vetyukov, who also diligently works on the adjustment of russian language version of lyrics, while Zack was working on an english variant.

Also at the general assembly of the group, after long debates and discussions it was decided to rename the band from "Black Label" into the "Chernaya Metka".

August 2004 was marred by the following event - Kirill Dmitriev (drums) declares his resignation from the band to realize himself in the music of entirely different genre. So "Metka" starts the long quest for a decent drummer.

In late autumn both russian and english versions of vocals are finally ready and at the same studio Denis Mozhin (bands "Awesome", "Leningrad") starts to work on mixing and mastering, which finishes only in the winter.


After listening to a few candidates (on drums) by the end of January 2005 Sergei Tshe finds a suitable drummer - Sergey Bushkevich. With the new drummer "Metka" starts tight rehearsal and preparation of updated musical program resulting in the series of concerts in spring season 2005 in St. Petersburg rock clubs. At the same time "Metka" starts working on a new material that Zack had planned to make in a more modern and hard style.

Spring brings problems with solo-guitarist Sergey Tshe, who was unable to combine active musical work in two bands at once, and so "Metka" starts searchings of a new solo guitarist.

Because of problems with the design of the debut disc, it was released only in June. At the same time "Metka" jumps in the studio again to record one of its most interesting compositions - a cover song "Plastic Crow", which for at that moment had become a "visiting card" of the band. After thinking hard the musicians decide to take up the release, promotion and distribution of the discs by themselves in order to have all the control sticks in their own hands and make all the possible to ensure that the songs would be heard by people.

In June, after the announcement in the Internet, "Metka" finds a new solo guitarist - Daniel Kuzin, who perfectly fits the band. With a just released debut album and new musical program "Metka" gets a powerful charge of enthusiasm and begins to work hardly to prepare for the autumn concert season and to the presentation of their CD.

During the summer months the album has already received distribution and popularity and even before the presentation "Metka" gathers many fans who were eagerly awaiting their autumn concert.

Presentation was held on 28 August 2005 with stunning success and after that "Metka" acquired a huge fan club which helped not only in terms of fierce support at the concerts but also in organizational and promotional activities.

Soon on the wave of success "Metka" established contacts with the organizers from Moscow and it became possible to buy "Metka" CD's in the capital.

Metka Fan Club

In autumn "Metka" leaves Saint-Petersburg for the first time and gives a concert in Moscow at a club rock festival with such famous russian metal bands as "Natisk" and "Ange".


In winter the musicians took a small vacation and spring begins concert activity in St. Petersburg and Moscow in support of the newly released english version of debut album - "Stepping through the mirror".

It was decided to change english name of the band into "METKA", a universal word that is written and pronounced identically in both russian and english.

In early summer "Metka" gives the first big solo concert without warming-up bands, with a 2 hours of musical and competitive program, and that has become a sort of culmination on this stage of the band's creative path. After this large and successful activities some of band members went on vacation, while others continue to work on old and new music material. But from that moment there begin the bad times in band's history - in late June the bass guitarist Pavel Voronin, who played in the group since its very moment of foundation due to some personal reasons expresses his desire to leave the band. Thus there begins the searchings for a decent candidate on the bass guitar. Summer photo session that was scheduled for the second album which was to get the name "Sands of Time" took place without the participation of Pavel.

30 July 2006 - Metka on the open air  in Siversky

In autumn "Metka" finds a bass guitarist Ivan Vetrogonov who came to listening from a distant city of Simferopol. Also they find a band manager - Igor Chernomor - an experienced organizer of some major concerts and a representative in St. Petersburg of such famous metal bands as "Aria", "Mavrin", "Master", "Arteria". Together with him "Metka" plays a bit anniversary (5 years) concert at "Roks Club" and prepares for the first mini-tour to other cities, however there followed only a not so successful "test" solo concerts in the town of Tikhvin.


In winter 2007 "Metka" gives another solo concert on the "old new" year (13th of January) and then decides to do preparings for the studio to record a second disc. Nevertheless, because of the personal problems and different views among the musicians "Metka" doesn't succeed in working on the album and stops regular rehearses. Due to the loss of shape and enthusiasm the three spring concerts are held quite wretchedly and so in summer 2007 Zack Eswee and Vladimir Vetyukov decides to declare a complete "freezing" of any band's creative activities till best times.

Nevertheless, there was the decision to publish at least some of the new material in the electronic form, and thus by autumn "Metka" puts on the site a midi-compilation "Sands of Time", which is exactly the half of the planned album. However even bringing in the order all of these songs continues for more than half a year and was completed only in March 2008 with the publication of the last track "Black & White".

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