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Our magazine has interviewed the now well-known St. Petersburg heavy metal band "Metka". This band has managed to take its own niche on Petersburg metal scene in a relatively short period of time. These guys can be easily put on a par with such bands as the "Citadel", "Atomica", "Morrah", "Sopor" and the others, or even higher. The interview took place at their rehearsal base. In general the musicians themselves have been equally interesting as their music. Basically, the questions have been answered by a guitarist Zack Eswee and a vocalist Vladimir Vetyukov.

Drive: We will start with a trivial question: why do you have the name "Chernaya Metka", and how all this have started?

Vladimir: The name has not just been that from the very start. Originally we were called "Black Label", because Zack has written a song with that title. And this was our first song.

Zack: And for a couple of years we were known as "Black Label". But in 2004 we decided to take another name - "Chernaya Metka". Since 2001 till 2004 we had english name and sung in English. But then decided to do everything in Russian.

Drive: And why did you decide to change it to the Russian?

Vladimir: Well, it's not a good idea do to something in a foreign language. Russian people do not need this, as well as those who are from abroad. It is better to sing in Russian so that at least somebody would be interested in our music.

Drive: Thus, you make the emphasis on the lyrics?

Zack: Actually, we focus on everything. Usually, people think about us in this way: "Ahh.. Cheranya Metka... This is probably something like Aria...". Personally, I'm listening to a russian music very little. So "Metka" doesn't have roots of such russian bands as Aria, Black Coffee...

Drive: Perhaps people often associate you with "Alisa", to be exact, with their album "Chernaya Metka", is it so?

Zack: By the way, there was a problem with this name because of that fact. We also thought if it is worth keeping, because we were afraid that people will associate us with "Alisa".

Joe: And so they do..

Zack: Finally, we tried to imagine some names, we gathered together, trying to invent something. In the end, nothing was invented, so we decided just to leave as it is.

Vladimir: The truth is, people demands a cover on "Alisa" from us. They cry: "Play something by Alisa!". Now we are going to give them what they want! We are rehearsing one of their songs...

Drive: What song, if it is not a secret?

Vladimir: Well... a secret ...not a secret...

Zack: Yes, of course, this is not a secret: "Krasnoye na Chernom"!

Vladimir: I like russian rock. It is because of russian rock I began to listen to music. Yes, that is how it was. And then I got acquainted with the foreign music. That is why I love both western and russian rock music equally, I like "music" as heavy music, and I like "verbal music" as the musical minimalism. I like both versions. And I have many friends who love both heavy music and intellectual rock. Usually it is very difficult to reconcile these views in front of other people. For example, I have to explain to fans of Russian rock, and not only Russian but also of Western intellectual rock ("Doors", "Pink Floyd"), that that the metal music is not such a stupid music, and it too can be very interesting and intellectual.

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