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Interview with "Metka" - by magazine Drive
Vladimir Vetukov Drive: Many believe that the entire Russian rock is just a plagiarism.

Vladimir: Not quite so. I've heard a lot of prototypes, a lot of secondary bands, but we have a lot of unique musicians. Let us take Sukachev for example. His album "Between water and Fire" is actually very russian and unique. Late Grebenshikov is very much national and unique too.

I even know the case, when one french girl cried while listening to the song "Dubrovsky", not knowing any russian words! So the case is not just in lyrics... And let us take Kinchev! Only on the album "Chernaya Metka" there are many Russian unique songs!

On the other hand, can we say that the western rock is all that original? The song "Child in time" by Deep Purple - the main riff from there was stolen too from some older band of the 60-ies. Although there was no law processes.

Drive: What can you say about the band "Black Obelisk" and personally about Anatoli Krupnov who tried to combine the lyrics in the tradition of Russian rock with heavy music?

Vladimir: Well I can't say much, because none of us listen to "Black Obelisk". Yes, and me too. But as a person I find Krupnov interesting. I saw some programs on TV about him but never listened to his music. But regarding to this very principle, I say yes, I would like to have metal songs with good, deep lyrics, so that people won't say: "Ah! They don't know how to write good lyrics!"

Drive: Who is writing lyrics and music in your band? What is the main principle?

Zack: First, of course, there is a music channel, and then there is a text laid on it. Otherwise we have that very Russian rock! (everybody laughs)

Vladimir: I am writing lyrics. Usually, I do that for a very long time. Sometimes it is so that the music has already been written, but still there is no text. But I do not like to write "official" lyrics, that are "just to be". It is important to bring in your heart. However, we have a few texts, that are fairy tales, pure fantasy. That was Zack's idea, and I just translated into Russian. These songs, of course, also has some personal position in life, but it is more simplier, than in other our songs.

Drive: The song "Black Label" is probably refers to this theme?

Vladimir: Yes, it is more a fantasy, although there is also a position of a strong character. But for me it is less important, for example, than our other songs, that are more philosophical, such as "In the Wind's Eye", "Death." A "Worldstone", in my opinion, the best thing we have, it is good both in music and lyrics.

Drive: On your official site it is said, that you have traveled a lot, and so after that the song "In the Wind's Eye" appeared. What kind of place, what incident gave you the ground for writing this song?

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