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Interview with "Metka" - by magazine Drive
Vladimir: I can say that I try to "live" all my songs. My education is Vietnamist, and so many times I had been to Vietnam. Actually, that is why I started to sing heavy music.

The main means of transportation there - is a motorcycle. Not having permissions there to ride on it, I, nevertheless, took it on rent and did a lot of trips. Cops there never stop white men. Last time I've been there, I ride at night with an enourmous speed on my bike on a highway that is near Hanoi, and listened to our song "In the Wind's Eye". So I can say that the song is verified by my life. I have a right to sing it.

Drive: And where else have you been?

Vladimir: Actually, the song "In the Wind's Eye" is about Egypt. But I've been to many countries: Egypt, Turkey, Sweden, England, America, Armenia, Estonia.

Drive: What are the relationships within the band?

Vladimir: Business-friendly! (everyone laughs). While our business is quite small yet.

Zack Eswee

Zack: Well, I can say that it is difficult to call our relationships friendly, because we never going anywhere together, not even on some big rock concert, we are also living apart... Everyone has his private life and own affairs and so there is not so many time for the band. Again, everyone also has his own friends. In fact, we can say that we are a "working band" to be honest.

Vladimir: Ah! We have good relations! We have our measure of competition, struggle, competition.. Creativity does not exist without it.

Drive: What are some other bands that you keep in touch with?

Zack: We are friends with a band "Citadel". We are tighly interrelated, In all respects: we played on each other's concerts, both on a session and on an permanent basis. What we have not done yet - is singing each others songs.

Vladimir: Although they have something that Andrew (vocalist of "Citadel") does not want to sing, so we have a chance...

Zack: Well, I can conclude, that we are like a family. There are plenty of cuss too in some aspects.

Drive: As far as I know, the guitarist of "Citadel", Sergei Tshe, referring to the "Metka", described you as hard rock, and a "Citadel" as metal. Which style do you belong to?

Vladimir: In fact, they are, in my opinion, have more rights to belong to the hard-rock, given that they played with a son of Grebenschikov' musician - Oleg Sakmarov, Ilya (everyone laughs).

In general, what's the difference - rock, metal? We just make music!

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