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Interview with "Metka" - by magazine Drive
Zack: But if it is necessary for a press release, we always define us as "heavy metal". This is probably the closest definition. We are too heavy for the rock, but not so heavy for brutal music, extreme metal, thrash, ect. So - the official position - "heavy-metal rock."

Vladimir: For the metal we are too romantic.

Zack: And we do not have a position such as "we want to play like that band"!

Vladimir: As a band we are pretty young, but now we have the era of postmodernism, so that everyone tries to derive from everywhere. Limit yourself to one style is not original now. Making rock is not interesting, because there all expressive means have been exhausted. Yes, and in the metal, indeed, too ...

Zack: But in the metal there is much more to invent..

Drive: It just turns out that Russian rock niche remains unfilled. This applies to young musicians.

Vladimir: It must be filled with something new.

Zack: As far as I know, there are enough of bands that play just plain rock. The only thing is that people haven't seen them yet. I frankly speaking don't keep an eye on this sector, so I can't say anything.

Vladimir: There are no bands playing russian rock that would have some kind of inner strength. This is basically the end.

Drive: How to think, is there is some development of metal scene in Russia and in Petersburg?

Vladimir: It may seem strange but recently one of my students (I worked as a teacher of history) asked me the same thing: what are the promising metal bands? Now, unfortunately, I think, there are none. Oh! "Citadel" is a good band!

Zack: Again, it depends of what do you mean. Do you speak about it as a show-business, or you speak about songwriting and the stuff? Another question, it depends on whom to compare. If we compare our bands with western artists, that is one thing. If you compare with "domestic monsters", Aria, Kipelov, it seems, there are no successful bands besides them. And again, style is also sometimes very different: death, black, etc. But in particular styles of metal there are some good bands. "Antisacrum", for example, "Atomica", "Wolfsangel" is a powerful group; "Morrah" ...

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