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Interview with "Metka" - by magazine Drive
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Vladimir: I liked "Nomans Land" once.

Zack: Well, "Troll Gnet El" is worthy of 10 bands! But, of course, this is not a metal, but also interesting and metallists love it.

Drive: In your opinion, if you invest money in a band, will it remain on the same level?

Zack: No, of course, not! Well, depending, of course, how much to invest. If you start working with a band, and they are indeed true professionals, there is a chance. The issue in general is too complex, there are many nuances, and it is impossible to speak about every detail.

Drive: There are cases when a band, seeing that some of their songs is taken well by the public, they start to adjust all new songs to this pattern ... But what about personality?

Vladimir: In any case, it should be so. No one can write great songs all the time. There should be a good song, and it can be used for a template for a number of other songs, but certainly not for every song. There are also bands "of one or two songs", they expressed their individuality in this song of theirs.

Drive: How do you promote yourselfs in terms of management, merchandising?

Zack: We have a sponsor that gives us some money and produces merchandise. In fact, you don't need to much to produce this stuff. Circulation is small: caps, and other stuff.. Now we have a manager - well-known Igor Chernomor. He's taken us up. Right now he doesn't do too much, but he will be helping us to establish the necessary contacts. Prior to that director, we had none, and it was hard. And most of bands are like this. No one knows where to be, and where you sould not go.

Drive: How to find this "golden" person?

Zack: Coincidence: somewhere, somehow, through someone else ... Or by the sly attempt to get here, to get there. In fact, he came to us, and we came to him simultaneously. Check this funny situation that he was dealing our phone number at the same time when we phoned him. The man was looking for us, it means that he was interested in us.

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