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Interview with "Metka" - by magazine Drive
  Joe: That is he's with us is not because of some accident. This was the result of a very long-term work, starting with the "Guild of heavy metal" as we tried to join several groups. We tried to arrange the concerts by ourselves, thus to make Guild's member bands popular.

Zack: It was an idea to make a mini "KapKan" label (by the way at that time we began to do it, there was no KapKan yet!). And we wanted to make some kind of coalition that would take care only of its member bands. Alas, history has shown that such union can not last long.

Drive: Tell about the situation with copyrights on the song "Plastic Crow"?

Zack: First, we thought about to contact with the author, and then decided that it would be very nice if Uspenskiy bring an action against us in a court, and we could get in the newspapers: the "Fontanka" or "Official" or all at once - and thus people will know about us (everyone laughs).

And because we are not a legal entity, whom should be brought to an action - me or Vladimir? We have all the discs actually released illegally. But this summer we had contacts with Gladkov, who wrote the music for this cartoon. He found our song in the Internet and invited to take part in a compendium of 25 years of "Plastic crow" cartoon. We passed him a disc. He liked everything, but then he phoned and asked to do everything the same, but only with his music. And we also should make it only with his lyrics. But we buried this idea, because the song would have lost its point.

Vladimir: When I saw the video "Whiskey in the Jar", I notices for some reason that there was an association with "Plastic Crow". And the idea to do a cover came when, after drinking many beers in Hanoi I heard Metallica.

Drive: And why don't you make a cover, for example, on some song from the "Treasure Island" cartoon? I think that your general theme is much closer to it.

Zack: But we did! However, it was not recorded. We played a song about "Bobby" with Sakmarov on flute. And Sergei played the bayan, and was beating the bass drum by foot. It was a huge fun. In the end people began to scatter the money out of the hall onto the stage. And even in the cartoon there are very cool songs performed by the band "Grotesque." I learned that they had been written by a man who worked with Pugachyova. Apparently, this is a famous and professional composer. Songs are just well done. Interesting rock. Almost every song is a hit. We could make some covers and even we had such an idea, but that is a hard work. If someone would pay us money, may be we could ponder about it.

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