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Interview with "Metka" - by magazine Drive
  Daniel Kuzin

Drive: What are the plans on the next album?

Zack: We are moving to it. We wanted to include in ten songs, but still only the half is ready. We found a new bassist, Vanya Vetrogonov, and so we need to play with him our set-list, as well as prepare new songs.

Drive: What question would you like to hear from us?

Zack & Vladimir: Ow ...! Question is interesting!

Vladimir: This is a good question: why are you all doing this, why?

Drive: Good question! And why?

Vladimir: Because this is the fate! (everyone laughs). Probably, we simply can't stop doing it. And I sing because I can't stop singing.

Zack: Actually, there is a wide answer to this question. It's clear, that everyone likes that, though there is also much problems with it. And we like everything in it! We like music, guitar sounds, gigs, drinking after gigs, we like the fact that concerts occur. We like to chat with people, to communicate with each other, talk about music. We are not doing it for money. Though, of course, people seek to obtain the money by music, but this is not to work and just get on music continuously. That that there would be no other strainings!

Drive: Many musicians created songs under the drugs. What is your attitude to it?

Vladimir: My position is based on the Buddhist philosophy, supported by, among other things, by the Orthodox religion: You should not bring our ego, your conscience to something certain. Neither on music, nor on the beloved woman, no on the drugs. Nothing should make you a slave. This is most important.

You can probably experiment with drugs, but they can make you become addicted and turn into a ghost, this is unacceptable. Kinchev, somehow, how could overcome it. But it is the power of the orthodox spirit. The real mystical power of God. Any light drugs - this is simply the transformation of consciousness. The fact is that all this can be achieved without drugs. When a person is afraid: "Scary. Do not try it, and I will not try" - it is also wrong position. To condemn people who have experimented with this, this is too wrong.

I can say that vodka is much stronger transforming consciousness than marijuana (everybody laughs). Generally a person who takes drugs - this is the one who has to climb through the window, when you can enter through the door.


Ilya Kreslavsky

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