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"Metka" Line-Up

(at the moment of the band "freezing" in 2007)
  Vladimir Vetukov Vladimir Vetukov

Date of birth: 1978
Place of birth: Leningrad
Position in group: Vocals
Favorite instrument: AKG 3700

From the early childhood had a passion for rock music. Wandered a lot across the world with an acoustic guitar. Sang. Played. Upon his returning back home he found a refuge in "Metka".

Good natured.
Not married.

  Kuzin Daniel Daniel Kuzin

Date of birth: 1984
Place of birth: Leningrad
Position in group: Solo guitar
Favorite instrument: Spiral Canon Custom

At fourteen he took in hands a seven-string guitar, and then was carried away by Russian rock. Further began to listen to the western music. The first major musical experience was a Fender Party 2002.

Maintains a healthy lifestyle.
Character is balanced.
Not married.

  Zack Eswee Zack SV

Date of birth: 1981
Place of birth: Sverdlovsk-44
Position in group: Rhythm guitar
Favorite instrument: ESP ltd exp-300

For fourteen years he had been living a distant and closed town and then moved to St. Petersburg, where began to listen to heavy music and started playing a guitar. Since 2000 played in several rock bands, and then decided to set up "Metka".

Married. Daughter.

  Joe SV

Joe SV

Date of birth: 1978
Place of birth: Monchegorsk
Position in group: Keyboards
Favorite instrument: KORG N364

She was born and lived in a distant northern town where she graduated from music school, class of flute. In 1997 she moved to St. Petersburg, where played in the female rock group "Gorgona" and in 2003 joined "Metka".

Likes responsibility.
Married. Daughter.


  Ivan Vetrogonov

Ivan Vetrogonov

Date of birth: 1985
Place of birth: Simferopol
Position in group: Bass
Favorite instrument: Peavey Grind NTB 5

Came to "Metka" audition from the distant Crimea, where previously played in several rock bands and worked on a radio. In addition to bass he enjoys playing drums.

Character is choppy.
Not married.

  Sergei Bushkevich

Sergey Bushkevich

Date of birth: 1980
Place of birth: Bryansk
Position in group: Drums
Favorite instrument: Tama Swingstar, Paiste cymbals.

When he was nine, he began to play a bayan and even graduated from music school and college as a bayanist. Sat down at the drums for the first time in 1987, but continued to master his drum skills only ten years later. In "Metka" since 2005.

Not married.

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