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The history of "Metka" creativy path deserves a special examination. It should be noted that all the main creative line for the entire period of the band was outlined by the founder of "Metka", guitarist Zack Eswee who wrote mostly all musical material. Zack grew up on a mixture of western rock bands of different styles - punk, grunge, classic heavy metal, speed metal, thrash, glam and mainstream rock. Also he paid a special homage to some western gothic metal bands.

At the very beginning of creative way of "Metka" there was no spirit of "russian rock" genre at all, and, by the way, even the name of the band was different - "Black Label". Perhaps this is what made "Metka" a unique band out from the rest of russian rock bands. However, over time, influenced by a vocalist Vladimir Vetyukov, who himself was a big fan of the various "monsters" of "russian rock", it was decided to sing all originally english songs in russian. When this happens to a band, it is inevitably attributed to so called "Russia Rock" genre.

Accordingly "Metka" began lay stress on the so called "russian rock fans" who prefered only russian songs. "Metka" tried to get on the relevant festivals with "russian rock" or "russian metal" bands. This was a particular challenge and ambition, as the success of a number of "russian metal" and "russian rock" bands was apparent. All famous russian bands sang in russian, while other bands who sang in english had no success in Russia or even abroad.

All the early songs was actually immortalized on the debut album - "Stepping Through The Mirror". Here you can find the earliest things - "Black Label", "Triangular Dream""Night", "Come out of the Shadows" that gave the album a pinch of Gothic, and some later songs like "In the Wind's Eye" and "Vengeance" gave some drive.

After the album was ready as the concert program, it was clear that there is a need for more energetic hits, and the quickest way to do it was to take and interpret someone else drive songs. So "Metka" made two unique covers that were extremely favorite with the public. This is the song "Sad But True" (music by Metallica), plus "Zdes Kuyut Metal" (lyrics by Aria) in "one bottle", and the song "Plastic Crow", the text of which was mostly taken from the same name popular Soviet cartoon and the music was again taken from a Metallica song "Whiskey in the Jar".

Later it became apparent that if "Metka" wants to continue to "fire up" the concerts, it needs to write less melodic and slow songs and more fast and heavy. Therefore Zack pick up new material on the second album very carefully, making emphasis on the fast songs in modern heavy metal arrangement in the spirit of the german metal band "Rage". To make this more clear, a concept of the album implicited the spirit of "Pirates of the Caribbean" trilogy. Zack thought it was a good idea to support the brand of "Metka" ("Black Label") and to attract new young fans, so to speak, fresh blood. However this idea didn't receive a support from other musicians and it was one of the problems that subsequently led to differences in views and blurring of the overall band's creative vector.

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