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Registered: 21 September 2005

1. Name: Konstantin

2. Nickname: Immortal

3. Place of residence: Russia, St. Petersburg

4. Contact:
Email: immortal.spb <dog>
ICQ: 386 <five> 907

5. How did you hear about the band?
Visited the first two GTM concerts, liked the band named Metka and found it in the Internet.
And then they released their album and I liked it. Great.

6. Your occupation:
I am a student SPGTI (TU)

7. Music that you like:
I listen to all heavy metal and death.
Like thrash, mainly of course "Death" band.

8. Date of Birth:
January 20, 1987

9. Tell something about yourself:
I play a guitar, try to make my own band (I previously played in other groups),
learning how to improve my guitar skills (well this process is eternal for any guitarist).

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