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Registered: 5 December 2005

1. Name: Alexander

2. Nickname: Haba

3. Place of residence: Russia, Moscow

4. Contact:
ICQ: 29 <seven> 777529
E-mail: aborigen04 <dog>

5. How did you hear about the band?
DerDiablo told me about them.

6. Your occupation:
Student of the Russian Academy of Justice, studying guitar playing in rock-school "Krasny Khimik".

7. Music that you like:
I prefer metal, mainly thrash, heavy and power, but I really like classical music, particularly Gershwin and Grieg, as well as hard-rock Led Zeppelin, classic and progressive jazz-rock (Ekseption, Procol Harum, and others), I even like many bards, and of course, The Beatles.

8. Date of Birth:
June 4th, 1988

9. Tell something about yourself:
I like to: sit in the spiritual company of beautiful and not so young girls, play soccer, drink fresh beer with shrimps, watch harmful TV and eat harmful food. I like to talkabout russian politicians, to speak a la Ostap Bender, like to pretend that I'm an idiot and... well... there are lot of things that I love! =)
I hate: a modern pop music, TV humor such as "Anshlag", drunk girls (especially in public places), smoking cigarettes (I do not smoke and do not advise others), loutishness and discourtesy in people.

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