Russian Heavy Metal band "METKA" Official Website

Registered: 17 January 2006

1. Name: Sergey

2. Nickname: Bladekeeper

3. Place of residence: Russia, Moscow

4. Contact:
E-mail: bladekeeper <dog>

5. How did you hear about the band?
From a site

6. Your occupation:
Studying at the Russian State University of innovative technologies and entrepreneurship (RGUITP)

7. Music that you like:
I listen to power, heavy, progressive, sympho, alternative metal and russian rock.

8. Date of Birth:
April 11, 1987

9. Tell something about yourself:
I like programming (in the future I want to work in the gaming industry), 3D-Modeling (a bit), fantasy and fiction books
(I like reading and watching everything that belongs to this genre and also write books and poems on this topic), computer games (RPG, 3d-action, racing), and music.

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