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Registered: 22 January 2006

1. Name: Irina

2. Nickname: Acoustica

3. Place of residence: Russia, Kirovsk

4. Contact:
E-mail: white_swan2004 <dog>
ICQ: 3436192 <five> 3

5. How did you hear about the band?
At first I heard them in the headphones of my neighbor and then saw a disk in PlayLand. It was "Plastic Crow".
I bought it, because I realized that I like both band name and a guitarist on the disc cover. Then I listened to it and understood that this is "my" music.

6. Your occupation:
Student at SPSU ITMO Engineering Physics Department.

7. Music that you like:
Yes, strangely enough, the best music for me is the Beatles and Lennon's solo album. Also I like Lacrimosa and Rammstein... The greatest genius is Yuri Yulianovich!

8. Date of Birth:
February 1, 1988

9. Tell something about yourself:
Totally inadequate and unpredictable. I like big companies, like to dance, play my Jaconda (that is how do I call my guitar). If I'm in a good mood or if I had not enough sleep I can paint awkward portraits. Easily vvyazhus for any adventure, as well as first doing anything, and only then start to think. With pleasure I go to play soccer, if someone need help, I'm always there. I think that I could be a surgeon, or at least, a veterinarian ...

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