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Registered: 21 October 2008

1. Name: Artem

2. Nickname: Kel

3. Place of residence: Russia, Kaluga

4. Contact:
ICQ: 4129363 <two> 5 <Property>

5. How did you hear about the band?
Hm... difficult question. I saw a flash animation "Bleach" and heard a soundtrack in it.
As I later found out it was "Black Label" song of Metka!

6. Your occupation:
Student. 7th grade. Kaluga school N50.

7. Music that you like:
Well ... Melodic metal, rock, and bands with such a ... historical orientation in their lyrics..
Listening to many other genres.

8. Date of Birth:
4 September 1995

9. Tell something about yourself:
Everything about me in a private the conversation.

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