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Kuzin Daniel Guitar Lessons Here our guitarist Daniel Kuzin will tell you about some of the basic skills of playing electric guitar. There is also some video clips with his short lessons.

We hope that will be useful or at least interesting for you.

Lesson #1
: Pentatonic (with video lessons)
Lesson #2: Solo "Set this world on fire" (originally performed by V. Smolsky)
Lesson #3: Guitar tapping
Exercises to warm your hands (just some tips)

Some questions to Daniel asked by fans:

Greetings, Daniel.
I'd like to know if you give lessons in real life. And if so, how many times a week, how many hours, what is the price, what do you teach, etc.?

Yes, I give lessons, but now only to my old students. I have no free time for new students.

Do you know a band named "Kingdom Come", and if you do, what do you think of it?

Yes, I'm familiar with that band's music. But actually I can say that it is not my choice.
There are a couple of songs that I like, but nothing more. Actually from the old school rock
I prefer only Deep Purple and Black Sabbath.

Hello again! What do you think about Alex Strike? Do you know him personally?

Hi! I'm familiar with his music by his albums "33 lives" and "Time of the full moon".
I like his playing skills, though I think his solo could sound better. Well, let's say so,
I like 50% of his solos. At the last album he acted as a vocalist as well. I think
that was a bad idea. Unforunately, I've never met him in real life, but I would like to.

Daniel, I would like to know your opinion about Kramer guitars.
I am thinking about purchasing such a guitar.

Unfortunately, I have never played on these guitars. But what I can say is that
you should listen to the sound of particular instrument, and it doesn't depend
on the company or the country of manufacture.

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