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November 6, 2005 - Arctica Club ("Metka" with "Koma")

I've visited a gig in "Arctica". Metka and Koma were playing.
I went with with the girlfriend and friend. Well, first I was going to go with a friend (he hit me to go to the club), but then I decided to call a company, well, at least somebody. So I didn't ponder too much and invited a good friend of mine (Eis). We met before the concert on the subway "Tehnolozhka". We arrived on "Primorskaya" 10 minutes before the concert, then passed our coats to cloakroom and ... well.. went into the club hall.

Bought some beer and sat down at the table (in this club it is very comfortable to be in. You can sit, sip beer at the bar, and generally "participate" in the perfomance from afar. There are no guards so you can very close to the stage there, even grab musicians). Well, quite cool. No smother in the club hall, though quite a lot of people.

I sat at a table, then moved to do some headbanging in the front of the stage. First came Metka also known as Black Label. Not a bad band, I liked it. Vocalist is okey. I especially remember the moment when Vetyukov (vocalist of Metka) due to the technical delay in their playing began to read poems. He read Yesenin. Black label had three times play an encore, people just did not want to let them go and all shouted: "More!"

Another band was "Koma". This group in particular made a strong impression on me, although Metka has played a couple of songs similar to the Aria, and in the first set they played "Zdes Kuyut Metall" - a very good edited text version of the same song they played an encore, just as people from the crown asked.

Night Wolf

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