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Aug. 28, 2005 - (Presentating their album - Metka)

Then Metka came out:
That's where the feeling of "emptiness of the hall" completely disappeared! At least 300 people were present in the room! Musicians slowly appeared on the stage. The bass player Pavel Voronin (who previously played in «Citadel») tuned up, keyboardist Joe walked hither and thither. Eventually they started with the same name song «Black Label» (although before there was some instrumental).

People's knowledge of the lyrics amazed me! They joined in almost on every song! On the first songs vocals was made very quiet. Again, today «Arctica» was not the best for the sound...

Then they played a few hits from their debut album «Stepping through the mirror»: songs «Wind», «Death», «Vengeance», then «Shadows», which on the album was recorded with backing vocals of Stasiya from «Citadel». They performed this song live with her. Crowd just exploded with shouting «Sta-ssya!», when she appeared on the stage. She sang her part and went away and Metka continued with the song «Triangular Dream»! It was a very, very cool! In addition, they presented their new guitarist, who was to replace Sergei Tshe (who now plays exclusively in «Citadel», not combining his musical activities with Metka).

Also the band presented a new song (I do not remember the name), but the song just superb! At the very end they played a cover "Plastic Crow". They sang something like «Plastic crow, or maybe a dog, maybe a cow» and tra-la-la ... but a funny song!

Also I remembered well another cover, which "Metka" played just before it: a cover for «Zdes Kuyut Metall» by Aria - I couldn't be able to stand on my legs! They played it a special way - a couplet from Aria song, and the chorus - from «Sad But True» by Metallica, but only in Russian! Just MEGA! =)

Author: Stanislav Pinaevsky (Ramm-Stas)
Date: 28.08.05

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