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May, 2006 - (Moscow, club "Relax", together with "Retriem")

The day began somehow sluggish, and I had a presentiment that such atmosphere would be at this concert. Very few people came. We met with "Pitka" as usual. On the way to the club we chatted and bought the "neck" (a good drink).

We came in in the middle of "Renaissance" perfomance. We decided to sit at the bar, and there met with Kozazaka, she came to talk to "Epidemia" fans. So we chatted for some tome and then "Pitka" left for epidemia fans also. So it was quite boring.

Then "Retriem" came on the stage and I recovered. At the stage I met Rondra and Bazil. It has become much more fun. And then appeared "Metka". Varya started to tease a mediator from Zack Eswee while they were tuning up. Zack refused and said that he would have nothing to play with. But Daniel Kuzin was a much more nice and promised to present it after the concert. They started to play - all great, but - bang! - on the first song Zack very quickly ran away from the stage. The musicians started to play without him, then played a long solo (Daniel made that just perfectly).

As it turned out, a string on Zack' guitar bursted, and so they changed their entire set-list: first they played instrumentaly, then the new songs, then a pair of hits, whereas at the end they smashed "Zdes Kuyut Metall" in their own interpretation. The concert was very energetic, unlike the last one in the "Planet Ice Club" or that in "Relax Club".

Daniel Kuzin gave us a mediator as he promised. It was no sense hanging around after the gig, so we moved home.

Author: Fallen Light
Date: 09.05.2006

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