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April 8, 2007 - (Festival "Iron Curtain" with "Sergei Mavrin" and several other bands)

I've been on a concert.
So Sergei Mavrin brought to Saint-Petersburg his festival named "Iron Curtain". That was good, because I got a chance to look at "Roks Club". Shitty placer. At least with a relatively decent sound. However, I was struck with a fee for the cloakingroom. Nowhere I have seen this. Idiots. So during the show there were 5 bands. I heard none of them live before. Thought I heard Mavrin and Metka records. I didn't listened to them before the concert so it could be more fun to see them.

Impressions are:
1. "Cherni Kuznec" - school matinee on the picnic. They played a cover on Iron Maiden on the sound-check and were shocked from their own coolness. Kids. Vocalist had some gothic haircut and tried to sang like Kipelov and Samosvat. Guitarist copied mavrik's reverse takeovers of the guitar neck. Flight of thought, skill, and all such other things that were not observed. Although - what to say - all their years are still ahead. May be in a couple of years they will be okey.

2. "Epatazh" - something strange. Totally hard-core rhythm section. Stylistically indistinct guitarist, who seemed to have a feeling that everything does not matter at all. Keyboardist looked like this: "Well, I understand that this is not serious...". Vocalist was something between the german vocalists of 80-90s and Kipelov, which he tries to copy. Frankly speaking I did not like them. Not to say really bad.. More like a salad, soup and whipped cream in a bowl. You can eat, but no pleasure.

3. Metka - but this is well done. They fired up the hall. Played a little, but very tight and sprightly. They are well aware that because they have just a few of their own hists (and in fact the group has only one album), you need to go to the covers. And they rightly did so - trying to play only your own stuff, regardless of quality, gives no benefits. "Plastic crow" (which is drinking whiskey from the jar) - just super. "Enter Sandman" which is "Zdes Kuyut Metal" is a bit weaker. Vocalist - well done. Frontmen. I'll go to listen to them again when they will be headliners as at some local festival. The only minus - who would explain vocalist that when you are dressed in black, you should not wear white socks..

Author: Alex-off
Date: 08.04.2007

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