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Metka in "Kamchatka Club" - Muzeum of Victor Tsoi

Recently I've been on two concerts in "Kamchatka" - on the second and on the ninth of September. Concerts were held in the courtyard, just outside of the cub itself.. This festival lasted for a month, with every day gigs.

Second September was so called "Metal Day" - day of metal bands. There were "Lamina Nox", "Metka" and "Citadel". Plus there should have been "Tartaria", but unfortunately they did not come. Concert was fired up by Metka of course.. The truth is that until the punks came no one did slam. All just stood and shake their heads, showing thereby that the music is good. When punks came, we began to jump from the stage.

Later, when the Metka began to play the hits of all times and peoples "Smoke on the Water" of Deep Purple ", I drank beer "Stary Melnik" (not advertising, just I had no other beer), and then decided to jump from the stage again. Note: before me no one jumped. So I opened that new wave at this concert. I jumped nearly five times.

It seems that two of the jumps were unsuccessful, because people didn't catch me so I fall on the ground. But then other rockers started to jump - more or less successfully. After Metka came "Citadel". But from this moment it was impossible to jump because of the drunken metallers who told us that it is forbidden to jump when "Citadel" playing. After the concert we took autographs from this remarkable group.

Author: Ozzy
Date: 03.10.2006

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