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Jun 13, 2002 - (Club Front - the first concert of the "Black Label")

Our debut ... first concert in a club FRONT 13 June 2002.

There was no particular excitement... We played before "our" people and had fairly much rehearsals (for half a year or more). It was quite unusual to play on the stage focusing only on drums and vocals. Guitars mix on the stage was badly done, sound mostly reflected from the floor, so we played "blind" ... or I can say "deaf".

The first two songs (Night and Black Label) gone a bit blurry, but then all the musicians came together and played well. Bass guitarist and vocalist had no problems, but both guitarists and drummer had troubles - I have fought for half a concert with the ever-falling microphone stand (why was it falling and bedning all the time I still do not understand ...) Alexander sounded too quiet and no one heard him, so and he added volume on the processor only at the end of the concert. Kirill said he played crookedly because of the of the wry drum installation - he had to play with his snare drum constantly sliding down onto his knees, etc.

Some words about the people's reaction. Everyone spoke of the band BLACK LABEL in a very positive way, and that certainly can not please all of us (Black Label musicians). We received a proposal to play at other festivals, but I won't speak about that yet... It's a pity that we didn't see some close friends on our first gig, but I'm very pleased that, despite the ticket price (the price was 50 rubles per person) there was quite a large number of friends, girlfriends, relatives, without whom our gig would not make any sense. Thanks a lot!



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