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December 27, 2002 - (Facultet" Club - Comrade Albert Fest III)

Difficult to say wether this concert was successful or not. That's the case. The club itself is quite good with an interesting design. There are many scientific books of many volumes and you can get one, sit at the table and read out for the entire evening. Beer is very cheap, costs 35 rubles. Security is nice, not too rude and bully, but checking everything, even guitar bags!

We have a discussion on the club's sound and decided that the sound is just "average". It is a bit better than in Friday Club, but worse than in Orlandina. On the stage it is better than in "Friday" and about the same as in Orlandina. The stage is very small - again the same as in "Orlandina". But quite good for us. Other words: we were satisfied with technical aspects.

The concert itself was sickening. I think no one will forget the deception of the organizer. We did a small advertising campaign and said that the concert starts at 19:00 and that the entrance fee is 70 rub. (And so it was promised by him). The concert started at 20.00 and the ticket price was 120 rubles! Sorry man, but we do not yet have such prices yet on such gigs in Petersburg!

So that's why many people who came just turned around and went away, whereas those who were too lazy to go back slowly and sadly idled about in the hall. All attempts to talk to organizer and club administration failed. Just no effect. Organizer sent to the administration, the administration sent us to the organizer. Perhaps both of them spoiled the thing.

I can say that the bands played just for themselves. Several sober club visitors (due to the 120-ruble entrance fee) sat at a table and occupied themselves with something and some other musicians stood near the stage looking on each other stupidly.

We played about 80% of our set-list. When we came on the stage there appeared a small crowd of those who was in the hall and in the make-up room nearby. After tuning the sound we played three our songs and this small crown dissolved. However, it gathered again when we announced that we will play "Zdes Juyut Metal" by Aria and Metallica. People began to do headbanging when I jumped off the stage into the hall and slammed with them playing metallica riffs. People seeing that joined in and attempted to shake everything they had with them. Once we've done our perfomance, we quickly ran into the bar to drink beer and listen to another band. The only thing I remember is that there was a funny band playing much faster version of "The Star named Sun" of Victor Tsoy, though I'm sure they didn't know that by themselves.

Special thanks to my wife and our faithful fan Nadia for coming to this concert

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