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January 26, 2003 - (Orlandina Club - acoustic mini-set)

It was a very unusual concert.

Just five days before it our favorite drummer Kirill rushed to hospital with a diagnosis of acute appendicitis. Upon learning of these sad circumstances we was going to immediately cancel the concert, but Volodya suggested not to overlook the opportunities and to play acoustic set. However Vladimir himself didn't come to the rehearsal due to his problems with health and even I just before the gig managed to tear out a small piece of meat from my finger on the right hand.

Then another problem happened - the next day after rehearsal, only a few hours before the gig I changed the strings on my guitar, and when he came to the club, it was completely detuned. I will not go into technical details, but believe me, this is not so easy to adjust guitar with a Floyd Rose too quickly.

So these are the nuances.

However, the concert was very good! We played first and "opened" a concert by our half-acoustic song "Triangular Dream", "Come out of the Shadows", "Enchanted". My new strings sounded perfectly. The sound was excellent, though, as it seemed to me from the video, the second guitar was too quiet, and bass sounded loudly.

After us followed "Legioner" band and punks started to do headbanging. They played well, but it could be better (though it is true for us as well). Then came headliners - old metal band "Koma". They did everything quickly, loudly, clearly. Hearing a piece of powerful thrash metal punks in the hall just exploded. Then came the second headliners - a group named "Nomans Land". They played viking folk melodies with thrashy riffs and growling vocals. Though I didn't pay much attention and went to the 2nd floor to "chill out room".


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