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July 17, 2002 - (Club Orlandina - Comrade Albert I Fest)

At this time (unlike before) we were quite agitated...
Concert hall was bigger than that in Front Club and this time we were no longer playing for "our" people (friends). Sound in Orlandina Club is much better and much less noise and messy sound. Unfortunately, our drummer was so excited that he played all songs in an insane tempo and so we could do nothing to make this gig run well. Every musician played quite badly and sometimes even up to the points where the general rythm started to "fall apart". Guitarists totally did not hear each other and that just could not affect the synchronization of both guitar parties. So the result is that in Front Club we played much better... Let's hope that in future we will escape such crucial errors.

Now some words about the public.. To get started, let's say that they loved us much more! Strange as it may seem, but this time we played "better" from their point rather than in Front. We asked numerous people and got not a single negative opinion concerning our band. And what is more - even no neutral opinion! Everyone liked us and everything was fine (and actually, what more is needed?)

Many thanks to all who came and supported the band on our second gig! I hope all of you really liked it!

We were second, coming on the stage after the band named "Zarin". Then followed "Studio", "Plankton", "Jam", "Exclusion Zone", "Banderlogi" and at the very end - "Garage". The style of the band varied much, but basically it was a progressive modern music (rapcore, hardcore, grunge...) I even don't remember the exact names of the bands, not to speak about other musicians.


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