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4 September 2002 - (Club Orlandina - indoor wedding concert "Zuk & Joe")

It can take a very long time to tell about this perfomance but the essence is: It was a widely organized wedding event with two 50-liter barrels of wine, 4 full tables of snacks and a happy crowd of some 50 people who were entertained in all kinds of "pirate-viking" competitions and gigs of three bands: "Legioner", "Ascendancy" and "Metka".

"Legioner" impressed everyone on 100%, they played just perfectly with their new bassist-vocalist with a very high voice. They went first, then was "Ascendancy". People there were not accustomed to the death-growl vocal and not very coherent music so I can say everyone was pleased with them. However it should be noted that the group stood on the stage for the very first time and had no rehearsals for 2 months. In fact, they are very melodic and I hope that they will have perfect gigs in the future.

Then it was our turn, but we played not so good as "Legioner", but much better than on the previous gig. But before our turn there was a joint perfomance of "Gorgon" & "Black Label" musicians - the bride and groom, actually. We played a couple of covers such as "Sister Demon" (Rage) and "Crown and the ring" (Manowar).

I won't speak about the people's reaction. This is another big talk. Everyone had so much fun (and alcohol) that it after the concert they slowly collected themselves and moved to the subway station direction. Everyone liked that "closed party". And as for those who have not been invited to this event ... Well.. a thousand apologies, but we invited everyone we could, all the best friends, and the club is too small, you know. There've been about 50 people.


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