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10 September 2002 - (Club Orlandina - Comrade Albert Fest II)

Never have I seen such a bedlam before. The organizer invited 10 bands and began a concert at 18-00. The club is opened till 23-00. Divide that and get 30 minutes of time for each group. And now add to the usual delay of an hour, and the sound-check, the arrival / departure from the stage of each musician of every band - and what you get is just "not enough time for someone"... So we found out that there is some time left for 3 or 4 bands and then concert just ends.

And so it went that way. We had to play at 22-30. By coming to the club it turned out that we have 5! bands in front of us in line. Some musicians, such guys from "Jam" just turned around and left this shitty concert. But most people stayed fighting among each other for the place. We tried to force our way to the stage just after "Masterskaya", but found out that it already occupied by "Planktone". As a result of agreement each team cut their set-list to 25 minutes and we managed to gave a gig, though after that we had to rush immediately to subway before it was closed.

We played well - quickly and powerfully. Kirill missed his beats in the very first song, but then everything went okey. We were very surprised that upon entering the stage we heard from a crown two vivid words - "Black Label". But then we understood why - after that phrase we heard another one - "Kirill !!!" -)

Yes, indeed, Kirill led this gig a horde of fans and it was a pleasure for us of course. Our older fans also had been on this concert, and that is a pleasure too. It was the first time we shot a video on this gig and this is very cool. I think that will continue to do that every concert.


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