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September 29, 2002 - ("Manhattan" club)

This was our first, we can say, solo concert (because this time we were only band playing). It was held in Manhattan club that is at the corner of Gorokhovaya and the Fontanka street. Quite large (in comparison with other clubs) hall, not so good equipment and a drum kit.

The sound in the hall was, as they say, "not really", but on stage" as now I say - even worse. Monitoring system was absent, so we played just recalling the tempo individually. Because of awkward drum kit Kirill often strayed in his parties, like everyone else. So there was no groove at all.

As a special number of our program there was the acoustic song "Enchanted", which wasn't actually ready enough to be presented for the audience, but we played in well. Plus we played a new instrumental composition "Finally".

The concert was "sudden". They planned a "metal day" on this date, but the organizer failed to recruit local bands and disappered somewhere, so some guy from the Club offered us to play instead. And we accepted the invitation.

We were asked to collect another group, but it did not work, and so we played alone for 15-20 of our friends and some strangers. No other words: no special support for us at the very beginning, but then people joined in and even didn't want us to leave at the very end. (and that is why we played a crude "Enchanted" song + once more "Vengeance" and "Zdes Kuyut Metal").


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