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8 Oct, 2002 - (Front Club. METKA Birthday Party)

This was our holiday concert, we celebrated the first birthday of our band, and at the same time - our vocalist's birthday. At this time sound was a bit strange. As they say, some people said, there had been had too much bass and too weak treble. No one hear solo guitar in the hall (same on the stage). But everything else seemed normal.

We played well, but we spoiled this gig by 2 things:

1) We decided to play our new ballad "Enchanted". Alexander (solo guitarist) did not learn it well until the end, and therefore he left the stage, so we played without him. However, he forgot to turn off the guitar and there was terrible noise on the stage because of that.

2) We decided to play new speed-metal song "In the Wind's Eye". Alas, it was in somewhat unprepared state.. And as we found out, we will never do such "experiments" again. But all the rest went cool and smoothly.

As a special guest played our friends - band "Legioner" (speed metal with elements of progressive) - they did everything perfectly, but the overall sound was also strange. Too much basses and treble, and no mids at all.

Vladimir bought everyone a beer, just as he promised, and this was, of course, great. Too bad that we had not enough free time to chat and drink beer, it was 9 p.m. and we had to move home. The band "Metka"presented Vladimir a fashionable thermos. There you can pour different liquids - either very hot or very cold -)


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