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25 October 2002 - (Friday Club)

This was the first concert in "Friday" - the hall is much larger than in other clubs we already play in. The stage looks like a good one - it is relatively high, there is enough space. We played in "line" (without combos), and that is why the stage sound was not very good (at least it seemed so to me), but better than in other clubs. People said that in the hall itself every song was perfectly audible - but this lasted only for 3 songs of ours... The problem began when the local sound produce who was also a DJ decided not to risk much and made guitars very quiet. Then some kind man suggested that we add volume on our guitar processors (and that is what we did).

We played well, but this time our bassist failed. He forgot to tune his bass and though he played correctly the sound was awful. But in some places in a fuss he played even too much what he was not supposed to to play =)

Yes, we were very excited, because for the first time we saw so many people infront of us. All our friend lost in a crowd and we hardly saw them. No one did handbanging... everyone listened attentively to our music. To all appearances we I can assume that everything went quite good because of the loud ovations after each song.

After us there came a famous "Diamond" with a very original performance - all the music was recorded as a phonogram and some girls were dancing while he growled under his recording. Then followed "Black Astrology" band, all painted like black metallists. Among them I noticed a famous figure of Saint-Petersburg metal scene - "Kill" and guitarist of "Koma".

This was very good concert because we saw and heard new people's opinions about our music, also we got a couple of valuable contacts that may lead us further in our musical career. Only if Pavel played well... eh... and Vladimir didn't take so long pauses between the songs, everything would be just "yippee".


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