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November 8, 2002 - (Friday Club)

Everything has presaged a good concert... We came early and it was good to set a good sound, so we worked with sound-producer and even adjusted presets on our guitar processors. We were assured that the sound installation would be exactly the same when we will start our perfomance, an so we were calm and were waiting until death metal band "Morrah" finishes.

However, to our surprise, when it came out on stage we discovered that all what we tried to adjust came down almost to zero. Too much bass, rhythm guitar is not heard at all, the monitors system works wierdly. And the people gathered infront of the stage... standing and waiting. So we had to start as fast as possible.

Due to the fact that at the sound turned out to be very bad and messy there were a lot of moments when our music just was going to ruin. The opinions of the people in the hall were different - some said the sound was good, others - that it was a perfect "porridge" ...

There were no billboards and advertisement - the day before I had not seen any posters in the oldest rock-stores "Castle Rock" and "Caravan" (where I came to put some promotional flyers, which I printed by myself). Not speaking about the streets of the city... no ads at all, though a pile of posters of other concerts. So as I can assume about 70% of all who came did that "by themselves", either seeing ads in the internet, or to see their friends playing, or just to see what is going on in Friday Club today.

As I said, opinions about the concert were totally different, but some people even asked for our album. Unfortunately, too early to speak about that yet. It is a shame that at the last moment "Legioner" band refused to play for some personal reasons, but the good news is that quite spontaneously, just two days before the concert death group "Morrah" fit it, which played just before us.


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