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November 30, 2002 - ("Friday" Club - Dark Metal Fest)

Again everything presaged a good concert... We came to the club early and had to play first. This is a very good idea. Why? See a summary of the previous concerts... But the miracle did not happen - sound-producer was late and we did not again set the good sound. Actually we had to do that urgently - just 5 minutes before we started.

Luckily, we managed to somehow adjust the sound and it was better than the last time. Alexander complained that he didn't hear himself while playing through we brought him a great guitar combo. But everything else was fine. People gathered in a huge numbers... perhaps this was the largest audience we have seen on our gigs. This is, of course, not 300 people, but nevertheless.

A lot of our old fans came to listen to us. We specifically changed the set-list and made an original beginning. Everyone liked that and that is most pleasing that different people liked different songs of ours. One like one thing, another - the other...

I must say that we were excited much, though this is our 9th concert already. But in response to this excitement we spilled the sea of positive energy that did not go unnoticed by our listeners.

The day before there played Morrah, Septima, Bestial Deform. People said that Septima is an interesting band to see. There are 7 musicians, and they play melodic metal. And we had "Black Astrology" and "10 tons" playing with us. I'd like to note that "10 tonnes" will warm up "Amorphis" on the December 13 in LDM Concert Hall.


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