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Art & Design

This section is made for the various creative graphics,
which were made by our fans.

Alisa Alexina works:

Drawing on themes of the album "Stepping through the mirror"

Posters with METKA musicians:

Works by Angel:

Cards on various topics of "Metka" songs themes:

Work of Bladekeeper:

The computer game, written written by our fan. Game is written on the theme of our album song "Black Label". Game has the same name.

In the game you will slip in the dark night streets of the old city, visit the castle and descend into the mysterious catacombs.

With a knife, dagger and magic you need to fight with people, monsters and other evil spirits. Dexterity can help to overcome deadly traps, and picklocking skill will help to open any lock.


  • 30 huge levels, scattered in 3 locations: city, castle and dungeons.
  • 10 types of enemies, including the 3 powerful bosses
  • 8 types of weapons
  • The possibility of 3-stage upgrade of edged weapons and items
  • Two modes view: from the first face and from the back of a character
  • Opening the lock is a separate mini-game
  • 7 classes of characters
  • Soundtrack from one of the best heavy metal bands of Russia
  • Book-style construction of the storyline

System Requirements:

Windows ® 98/2000/ME/XP
DirectX 7.0 or higher
Processor with a frequency of 2000 MHz
512 MB RAM
Direct3D-compatible graphics card with 64 MB RAM
DirectSound-compatible sound card
30 MB of hard disk space

For more information about the game, as well as other works
Bladekeeper his website -

Art by unknown fans:

(we couldn't find the authors)

Drawing variations of our triangular logo:

(click to enlarge the image).

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