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Since the very first day of Metka and its fan club history, there appeared a lot of interesting media materials that actually had never been presented widely to the public.
Some of these works are quite a serious art, and something has the status of jokes and not serious stuff.

In other words: this section is made specifically to provide opportunities for all our fans to express themselves, all fan art will be published here. By the way, previously this section has already been on the site. It was called "The Circle of the Devotees", but it was closed from other people's eyes and access was granted only for fan club members. Now all this information is open and accessible to anyone who is interested in Metka creativity.

In addition there is some so called "technical" information in this section, such as a page with banners and buttons, as well as pages with links to the sites of our friends, other metal bands, big metal portals and websites, as well as a number of other musical links (only in russian part of the site).

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