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Notes, MIDI, Tabs

This section of the library is made for those who want to play the whole songs
or some instrumentals of "Metka" live by their own.

Some material is presented in the form of notes or guitar Tabs,
but for completeness it is better to use MIDI files, which, although not all
one hundred percent original (line on the album version), but very close to it,
and in most fragments, even identical. Most MIDI files are complete,
that means that they include all instrumental tracks, but there are some in which, unfortunately,
no drum track. Perhaps this will be corrected in the future.

It is better to open Midi files with music editing progams.
Use a sequencer programs like CakeWalk or Sonar.
Guitar program, for example, Guitar Pro, also allows you to open MIDI files
and represent them in the form of ready Tabs. Of course, some points will be
missed here, but here you can switch on your imagination how to play this or that part.

#1. MIDI files of the songs from debut album "Stepping through the mirror"

1. Night
2. Black Label
3. Death
4. Come out of the Shadows
5. The Legend of Zelda
6. Vengeance
7. Enchanted
8. In the Wind's Eye
9. Triangular Dream
10. Finally
11. Worldstone

#2. Here is the archive *.rar with fragments of the proper guitar Tabs
to the second guitar to songs "Black Label", "Death", "Worldstone", "Finally".

#3. Here is the archive *.rar with fragments of keyboards part for songs
"Death" and "Come out of the Shadows." However, the best, of course, is to display a full keyboard
parties using MIDI files, opened with the relevant music editor.

#4.You can see the lesson number 3 on the guitar tapping by Daniel Kuzin.
It presents guitar tapping fragments from the songs "Wind" and "Night",
including video, where Daniel shows how to play it correctly.

#5. Full MIDI files of "Sands of Time" midi-compilation:

1. Coinchaser
2. Night Rush
3. Black & White
4. Dead Man's Chest
5. Sands of Time

#6. MIDI files of a couple of funny songs that Metka played live once.

1. Bobby (from famous russian pirate cartoon "Treasure Island")
2. Za pivom (originally perfomed by "Cabare Duet Academy")

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