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"Metka" merchandise (T-shirts, posters, caps, etc.)

"Metka" band released a number of goods (merchandise) and many of these items have become rare. Nevertheless, there is still some stuff remaining. All information concerning merchandise will be posted here in this section.

#1 New:

Moscow company "Muz.Mayka" gives you the opportunity to order by mail
a unique T-shirt with russian logo of the band (or you can buy it in Moscow in company office):

Metka band T-Shirt The logo can be printed in different iridescent colors:
- Gold
- Silver
- Bronze
- Carbon
- Copper
- Starfleks

You can choose yourself t-shirt size, color, shape
(male / female / shirt), and the filling of the logo. Consider the price, which varies depending on various design options.


You can order and editi this t-shirt online at the company's website - here.
However, you should conact a company manager if you want to ship it abroad.

In Moscow, you can either order a courier, or grab it by yourself from their office. Ckeck for more information in "contacts" section on the site of Muz.Mayka Company (you can use link just above).

#2 Old stuff:
(T-shirts, CDs, posters, caps, cards, calendars, etc.)

You can order the old merchandise from here:
- In this topic of our forum
- By sending your request to our email: black-label <at> mail <dot> ru

"Old" does not mean "worn", but simply means that it was released quite some time ago
and there are remnants of those items. Prices for all of this stuff are more than just moderate.

List of old merchandise in stock (with photos of samples):

CD "Stupivshiy za gran" / "Stepping through the Mirror" (Russian / English versions)
CD "Plastic Crow" (CD-single)
Women shirts
Bandanas (just black, 66x66 cm)
Band's guitar mediator "Chernaya Metka"
T-Shirt of "Zatmenie" band (size XXXL).

+ As a free bonus you can request:

Big poster (Plastic Crow 2005)
Medium poster (solo concert)
Minor poster (advertising the album and single)
Fan club cards (4 types)
Visiting cards (2 types)
Postcard (concert ad)
Stickers (white)
Presentation Demo CD

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