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CD "Plastic Crow" (single) 2005

Price for 1 piece - 100 rubles

Unique disc, which was released because of the fans demands. The CD contains studio recording of a masterpiece - a cover version song on "Whiskey In The Jar" Metallica titled as "Plastic Crow" with the lyrics from same name Soviet well-known cartoon. In addition to this song there are three additional track on the disc - the English version of the song "Black Label" - as well as the ballad "Enchanted" presented in two versions - Russian and English.

Inside there is a small poster. On the one side it contains pictures and interesting details, and on the other - the full poster picture, that was shot during a special photo session for this single in 2005.

Circulation is 1000 copies. Limited edition, there will be no more reprinting. Only 100-150 CD's left.

Plastic Crow CD - 2005

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