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Visiting cards with the logo "skull & bones"

Price for 1 piece - free.

Only a few kinds of cards had been put out:

1. Black card "Skull & Bones"

On this card there is a SMS number that was used to provide free information on the cell phone of upcoming concerts and events. At the moment, this number is not valid and the band no longer provides this service.

2. White card "Plastic Crow", released as promotional material for the new band CD. The other side is plain white, so it is possible to write on it.

3. Black card with the logo of Metka. These cards are very rare and were distributed by the band musicians only. The back side is white, so it is possible to write on it. On this card there is only a logo and web site address.

Plastic Crow CD visiting card

Visiting card - Metka band

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