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Stepping through the Mirror 2006

Album "Stepping Through the Mirror" was released in 2006, although inherently
is the same as debut russian album, which was released a year earlier.
However, in some sense, this album is more "old", or better,
original, because it contains songs in their original layout --
with English texts.

It is in this very form Metka performed at the beginning of its creative path,
and in this version people heard the songs at the first Metka club gigs and festivals.

This CD was released on the group's own funds,
Nevertheless, with a circulation of 1000 copies.

The album has not been signed by any label,
but there are plans to do it.

The album "Stepping through the mirror" includes:

  • 12-page color booklet;
  • Double-sided full inley;
  • Industrially produced printed disc;
  • Digipack package;
  • Hologram
  • 4 stickers with the logo of the group (2 silver, 2 black)
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