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Sands of Time 2007 - Midi EP Compilation

Detailed information:

1. Coinchaser
2. Night Rush
3. Black & White
4. Dead Man's Chest
5. Sands of Time
6. In The Wind's Eye

General information about the compilation:

The compilation is made up of the finished music material of the years 2006-2007 in the form of midi-sequenced tracks that are available for download and listening in mastered audio format (audigy mapping), as well as midi format.

The first band carried out a similar idea was a famous "Tiamat", issued in such a way the album "Skandinavische Amerikanische Freundshaft" in 2005.

Since the midi-files are universal and do not occupy disk space, the material can be used for listening not only on the computer but also in various digital devices, including cellular phones.

Mp3 tracks of EP "Sands of Time" were recorded using a wave-table soundcard SB Audigy mapping and are presented in mastered mp3 audio version of midi. This was done because on different devices midi file can sound in different ways, and thus the mp3 version represents the author's original sound idea, with a clear balance of all instruments.

As bonus tracks we present midi-version of our old song "In the Wind's Eye" from the first album. This track can be listened to in the compilation version, as well as in studio variant. This track was specifically added in order to understand how the rest of the songs could sound live in studio version.

Art Work (cover compilation) was done by George Gri.

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