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Music: Zack SV
Arrangements: Metka
Russian lyrics: Vladimir Vetukov
English lyrics: Zack SV, Alisa Alexina
Style: speed thrash metal

The song is based on the first part of the trilogy of "Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl.


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Lyrics: (rus/eng)

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Gold circle - Aztec coin
Blazing gleaming in my eyes
Moonlight bares undead sailors
On the huge black ship I ride
Time stops on my cursed vessel
Earthy pleasures are a disguise
Pain preys upon my seamen
Craving for the day they die

Order us to moor

Lead to a battle
We can't endure

Redeem our pirate souls
Get the cure

Sudden wind has punched the silence
Heavy waves roll to the east
Whirling in a burst of violence
The ghost vessel cleaves the sea

On the coin the blame was shifted
After spilling pirate's blood
End of chase - the curse is lifted
We shall feast and rum will flood

(no english lyrics here)

Gold is black in musty cavern
Chance of life dropped in my lap
But in steps our former captain
To surprise us with a trap

What I hear is a clincking coin
What I see is a stain of blood
What I feel is shivering cold
And a bullet in my heart

Leaving so soon

Cursed is your pirate soul
Drowned in gloom

Pillage and murdering
Sealed thy doom

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