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Where can I buy these disks in Saint-Petersburg, Russia?

Probably you will find it here:

- At the concerts of the group
- In the network of shops "Iceberg"
- In the network of shops "Playland"
- In rock shops in the following places:

1. metro station Gostiny Dvor / Nevsky st.
2. metro station Mayakovskaya / pl.Vosstaniya
4. metro station Petrogradskaya
5. metro station Petrogradskaya
6. metro station Primorskaya
"Castle Rock"
"Dead fish"
"Old Jolly Rocker"
Dumskaya, 9
Ligovsky Prospekt, 47
Emb. Karpovki, 20
Emb. Karpovki, 5 / 2
Nalichnaya 42
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see map
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Also, the disks are available to get directly from band members, therefore, you can make a request:

- In this topic of our forum

Where to buy albums in Moscow?

This is not a very "fresh" information, but... you could find disks at the following locations:

metro station Kurskaya, Rock Arsenal shop
metro station Komsomolskaia, Rock Empire shop
metro station Kuznetsky Bridge, "Rock Shop" shop
metro station Belorusskaya, "rock-cafe Metka" shop


How to buy albums from abroad?

We can send you disk abroad only in you order at least 20 of them.
This query please send to the contact address of the group: black-label <at> mail <dot> ru

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