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  This photo of summer 2006, timed to second full album recording named "Sands of Time". Some of these photos were to go to the CD booklet and possibly to CD inlay, and the other part could be used for making posters, flyers and other promotional materials. Photo session was made without a bass player, since Pavel Voronin left Metka this summer. So here the line-up is:

Daniel Kuzin
Vladimir Vetyukov
Sergei Bushkevich
Joe Eswee
Zack Eswee

A photographer, Ruslan Shamukov, found a unique location near Sestroretsk (about thirty kilometers from Saint-Petersburg). He did all of these shots, as well as held the creative line of the photo session. Works are very alive and interesting.

The concept of the photo session is interrelated with "sand" theme. "Sands of Time" was the only ballad on the planned CD. However this material had never been recorded. These are the last photos, which was made up to the time of "freezing" the group in 2007.

A bit later, there will probably be posted the pics of the photo process itself, where another camera captured the author himself - Ruslan Shamukov. By the way, it was a rather cold day, and Metka musicians had to warm up with the help of alcohol.

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