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There are a lot of various pictures of different quality, and here in this section we will post all sorts of them. Until 2007 there had been three official photo sessions - first one was dated for the debut album "Stepping through the mirror" and was made in two versions, the first of which went very badly, and these pictures almost did not survived. Art production and photography was performed by Alice Alexina.

The second photo session was perfectly successful, and was timed to the single "Plastic Crow". Photo session took place outdoors in a park near St. Petersburg metro station "Pushkinskaya". All photos were taken there. Everything was also done by Alice Alexina.

The last work - the photo session of summer 2006, timed to the second full album named "Sands of Time" was held outside St. Petersburg. There was selected a special unique place not far from Sestroretsk city with natural sandy landscape. Ruslan Shamukov worked on the photography and production.

Some of these photos were either used in a booklet design or were used for making posters and flyers. Photo session took place during the search for the replacement of a former bassist Pavel Voronin, and therefore it was done without bass player. Ivan Vetrogonov appeared only a few months later.

The concept of a third photo session correspond the 2nd album's song titled "Sands of Time", the only ballad on the planned CD. Despite the fact that this musical material had never been destined come into the world, those photos were sometimes used by the group for various promotional activities.

Album #1. Photo session for debut album

Album #2. Photo session for single "Plastic Crow"

Album #3. Photo session "Sands of Time"

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