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Bass guitar Ariana STB-PB


This bass keeps the tune well, very comfortable neck, excellent condition.
It goes even under the old logo - Ariana. Now the company produces
instruments under the brands Aria Pro, Aria Pro II, Aria. Basically, the company has
release of budgetary instruments, but also has expensive and exclusive models.
However, this bass is not the case, a serie of STB-PB is a quite a budget option.

Along with the bass guitar comes within a set a very good and high-quality
semi-hard cover. More photos below.


Body: Alder
Neck: maple
Fingerboard : no
Neck mounting: bolt-on
Pickups: OP-1 Double Coil x 1
Scale: 864mm (34")
Bridge: VFB-1
Knobs: 1 volume, 1 tone
Country of origin: Korea
Year of manufacture: 1998

bass Ariana

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