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Hardshell case

(Explorer / Flying V / Viper)

Approximate weight - 2 kg. Locks are closed with a small key.
Interior finish is made with an excellent green velvet.
Made by a St. Petersburg master a few years ago.

At the top of the case there is a sticker and on on the side is "ESP" sticker
(the case was used to transport ESP old-type Explorer).

Also RR flying V type guitars (Randy Rhoads Flying V) perfectly fits in, as well as
SG and Viper. The classic Ibanez might also fit, or maybe even ESP M / MH types.
However the head of a guitar neck should be directed downward, not upward.

Electric guitar ESP Alexi Laiho 600 (flying v) does not fit in this case (this was checked).

Hardshell case for guitars Explorer, Flying V, Viper

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