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For Sale: guitars and musical equipment

In this section from time to time we post information information about selling guitars and musical equipment that was used in "Metka" band by some musicians.

This gives you a unique opportunity to acquire an instrument that played its role in a band history, and could be used even in the studio session while recording albums. Of course, this is not the only place where this information will be published, so if there is something that you would like to buy, don't hesitate, because the instrument can go fairly quickly, especially if it is in fact quite good and unique thing.

In each ad provided contact information, but if it's not there, this means that the instrument has been already sold.

#1. Guitar Shamray ZE Flying V RR

Shamray "Randy Rhoads Flying V"

#2. Guitar Rockwood LX 90 + combo Park MG 10 Marshall + processor Zoom 505 II

guitar Rockwood LX 90 + amp Marshall + Zoom 505 II

#3. Bass guitar Aria STB PB

Bass guitar Ariana STB s

#4. Case for Explorer / Flying V RR guitars

Case for Explorer è Flying V types

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